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How to Set Up a Google Alert for Your Campground

google-alerts-campgroundsRunning a campground means being in-the-know about the latest marketing trends, what customers are saying and mentions of your RV park on the World Wide Web. One of the easiest ways to do all of these things is to set up a Google alert for your campground.

How to Set Up the Google Alert for your Campground

Setting up a Google alert is extremely easy and only takes a moment.

  • Go to in a browser. (You obviously must have a Google account, but these days, who doesn’t?)
  • Enter in the search term, which would be the name of your campground.
  • Now you will choose from options like language, region, etc. You can even choose from alerts that are shown in blogs, news, videos, discussion — and all of the above. All of the above is most likely the best choice so that you have any and all mentions instead of filtering them.
  • Set “create alert” and you are done.

Now you will get email alerts when your campground is mentioned on a new web page and you can get these alerts daily, weekly or even in real time. Real time is sometimes the best option, since you will always know right away when your campground is mentioned.

Why This Is a Good Idea for your Campground

There are plenty of reasons why setting up an alert is a good idea. First of all, it’s free to use and when it comes to marketing, you want to get the most you can without paying a huge fee.

Another reason is that you are fully aware of your guests’ experience at your campground. For instance, if a customer leaves a bad review on RVParkReviews, then you want to address it, and if you have a favorable review on Campendium, you want to be aware of it too so you know what you are doing right.

You are able to not only keep up with marketing trends, but you can also track your own marketing expenditures in your campground accounting system to be in-the-know about where your advertising dollars are paying off.

Last, but not least, if you have a campground blog you are able to get ideas. But more importantly, you’ll also know if someone has plagiarized your blog posts.

Setting up a Google alert makes good sense and it doesn’t take but a moment of your time.