CPA and Accounting Services

Detailed business insights and practical advice to help you achieve financial success.

Our modern accounting solutions for campgrounds mean less time on your books and more time on growing your community. In addition to preparing all types of tax returns, analyzing financials and providing business advice, we are dedicated to helping creative professionals and Campground owners understand the numbers and shorten to-do lists.

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Balanced Bookkeeping in 5 minutes or less a week.

Bookkeeping is not a money making task for a campground owner, let’s keep it to a bare minimum. Campground Accounting takes the burden out of “the books” with easy, elevated bookkeeping services and seamless software systems.

Tax Planning.

If we could grant one wish for campground owners, it is that they never overpay in taxes again. We know just how to make the most out of your revenue-generating magic by preventing overpaying Uncle Sam.

Profit Planning.

Stop flying by the seat of your cargo pants and start setting expectations for profit. This means getting paid regularly, planning for retirement, and/or making more investment with confidence and clarity.

Business Growth Consulting and Coaching.

Bringing business vision to life isn’t easy, but it sure is fun. Start your own success story in expectation-smashing growth and development with top-notch accounting and business development in partnership with Campground Accounting.


  • Our technology-based systems make it easy on you and refocus your energies and talents growing your business and enjoying life.
  • We use Xero accounting software and Vend Point of Sale software so you can spend more time doing what you love rather than getting lost in paperwork and finance
  • Not sure if it’s for you? We’ll give you a 30 day FREE trial of our accounting or point of sale systems. Just fill out the inquiry on the right and we’ll get you started.
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Meet Donna.

Donna Bordeaux wants to make absolutely sure that your campground provides a main source of income. It breaks her heart when she sees family-owned businesses flounder and/or fail despite the relentless hard work and total dedication of the campground owner.

She is on a mission to help second-career entrepreneurs become successful and satisfied business owners.

The Plan for Profitability.

accurate bookkeeping and accounting services
optimized tax position (potentially saving a substantial amount each year)
advanced accounting software, implemented
smart decisions, made in real time