Xero Accounting Software for the Win: Accounting Just Got a Whole Lot Cooler

Welcome to Campground Accounting

If you’re an entrepreneur, a legacy builder, or a steward of a family business, then you’re in the right place, my friend. Welcome to the world of Campground Accounting – the perfect solution for those who want to make the most of their investment without it sucking the life out of them. Because let’s face it, there’s more to life than business, and certainly more to taxes than just being on time.

A New Wave of Accounting

Now, you might be thinking, “Accounting? Cool? You’ve got to be kidding me!” But hear me out. Our very own Donna, who’s got a passion for accounting that’s as infectious as a viral TikTok dance, is here to offer a fresh and progressive perspective on accounting.

Unleashing Your Business Potential

At Campground Accounting, we believe in exploring options for growing a robust campground business. We want you to press play on your bigger ideas, to never miss an opportunity, experience, exploration, or understanding. Basically, we’re here to breathe life into campground ownership, one spreadsheet at a time.

The Power of Xero

But, how do we do it? Well, let me spell it out for you – X-E-R-O. That’s right, we’ve teamed up with Xero, a trailblazing accounting software developed down-under in New Zealand and Australia. This isn’t some outdated, clunky software that requires a PhD to operate. No, Xero is all about cloud usage – sleek, efficient, and user-friendly.

Time to Say Goodbye to QuickBooks

You know what they say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” And that’s why many default to QuickBooks, unaware that there’s a fresh and feisty alternative ready to shake things up. If you’re tired of the frequent price hikes from QuickBooks, it’s time to say g’day to Xero.

The Cost-Effective, Seamless Solution

Not only is Xero more cost-effective, but it also integrates seamlessly with various external software. This means you can make informed decisions without breaking a sweat. So, why not give Xero a whirl? We’re happy to set you up with a free trial under our account.

Join Us and Jump In

Join us on this exciting journey and explore the possibilities of what Xero and Campground Accounting can do for you. We guarantee it’ll be more fun than a kangaroo on a trampoline. Well, almost.

Ready to jump in? Then let’s get started!

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Donna Bordeaux, CPA with Campground Accounting

Creativity and CPAs don’t generally go together. Most people think of CPAs as nerdy accountants who can’t talk with people. Well, it’s time to break that stereotype. Lively, friendly, and knowledgeable can be a part of your relationship with your CPA, as demonstrated by Donna and Chad Bordeaux. They have over 50 years of combined experience as entrepreneurial CPAs. They’ve owned businesses and helped business owners exceed their wildest dreams. They have been able to help businesses earn many times more profit than the average business in the same industry and are passionate about helping industries that help families build great memories.

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