WiFi: The New Utility for Campgrounds

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Hi, I’m Donna Bordeaux with CampgroundAccounting.com.

We often work with our campground owners to take a look at their utility costs. One of the biggest issues we are having now is that we have a new utility. There should be four utilities in your park. Everybody’s pretty much familiar with the water, sewer, and electricity but guess what the fourth one is. It’s WiFi; everybody’s favorite topic.

WiFi has now become a utility. It is not an amenity anymore. So please take a look at your park. Yes, you may have to spend more money to upgrade your WiFi, but I will tell you that you should be able to increase the price of your sites to cover the WiFi and then some. You will generate more revenue from happy customers than you have ever before. I know there’s a lot of controversy about people streaming and using multiple devices on your Internet. The WiFi situation and the Internet are not going away.

You will need to upgrade your WiFi in your campgrounds so that that utility works just as well as your electricity, water, and your sewer. Yes, there are times when things don’t work right. We understand that, but WiFi should be a dependable utility in your campground. There are a lot of providers out there who can help you get the situation under control. Make sure that you can provide adequate WiFi to your guests to make sure they are happy.

If you have any questions at all for us, please let us know at Campground Accounting. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Donna Bordeaux, CPA with Campground Accounting

What happens when you send two CPAs out into the relaxing outdoors to camp? You get CampgroundAccounting.com.  Donna and Chad have over 50 years of combined experience as entrepreneurial CPAs.  They’ve owned businesses and helped business owners exceed their wildest dreams. They camp and travel across the country every chance they get, so it’s just a natural fit that they focus their CPA skills on helping campground owners throughout the USA grow their businesses and minimize the impact of taxes.  They understand the key performance indicators and specialized issues that face RV park owners every day.

WiFi: The New Utility for Campgrounds

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