Using Social Media Influencers To Promote Your Campgrounds

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I’m Donna Bordeaux with And I want to talk to you about a way to advertise that you may not be doing currently. That is very effective. And that is looking at using a social media influencer.

Have you ever talked with someone who recommended going to a campground or going to a business nearby? You really took that opinion from that person a lot more seriously than you might’ve taken. If they placed, say, for example, an ad in a newspaper or a periodical.

You probably thought about it a little bit more you were able to ask some questions and get some really good information and it was much more trustworthy. Well, one of the things you might want to look at is hiring a social media influencer. There are folks out there with huge audiences throughout the country of blogs or of YouTubers or podcasters who can help send people your way.

Yes, you may have to pay them. It might not be an organic, or maybe you invite them to come visit your park and experience what you have to offer. And in return, ask them if they’ll talk about you now, make sure you got the best foot forward for them. You don’t want to mess this one up, but this could bring a lot of people into your park. And a lot of the right people that you’re searching for, there are different demographics and target audiences that these social media influencers have.

So make sure they match up with who you would like to target. The County that I am in is actually hiring social media influencers through their tourism Bureau to help get people to come to our area. Those people have been paid to come into town. They go round and they’ve given them a list of places. They’d like them to go and promote that they think are the winners of our County.

So check it out. See what you think and dip your foot in the water a little bit. And tell me what you hear. Tell me how it goes for you. Thanks, I’m Donna Bordeaux with

Donna Bordeaux, CPA with Campground Accounting

What happens when you send two CPAs out into the relaxing outdoors to camp? You get  Donna and Chad have over 50 years of combined experience as entrepreneurial CPAs.  They’ve owned businesses and helped business owners exceed their wildest dreams. They camp and travel across the country every chance they get, so it’s just a natural fit that they focus their CPA skills on helping campground owners throughout the USA grow their businesses and minimize the impact of taxes.  They understand the key performance indicators and specialized issues that face RV park owners every day.

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