Unleashing Your Land's Potential: A Guide to Launching Your Own Micro-Campground

Dreaming of a Micro-Campground? Let's Make It Happen!

Are you sitting on a patch of land, daydreaming about the sweet hum of RVs rolling in? Ever thought of turning that idle land into a bustling micro-campground? If so, then buckle up and get ready for a joyride because we are about to dive into the nitty-gritty of 'How to Open a Micro-Campground'!

Meet Campground Accounting: Your Partner in Adventure

Here at Campground Accounting, we're not just bean counters. We're also avid RV enthusiasts who know our way around campfires and s'mores. We believe there's more to life than business, but when your business involves camping, life gets a whole lot more exciting.

Donna: The Adventurous CPA at the Helm of Your Journey

Our captain, Donna, is a CPA with an adventurous heart. She never misses an opportunity to explore new horizons, whether it's a new tax code or a hidden campground. Her passion for a progressive perspective on accounting has helped numerous campground owners breathe life into their businesses.

Your Land, Our Plan: Building Your Micro-Campground Together

But enough about us, let's talk about you and your soon-to-be micro-campground. You've got the land, we've got the plan. From ensuring compliance with legal jurisdictions and environmental departments to setting up check-in procedures, we've got you covered. Your campground is not just rental property, it's an operating business, and we'll help you treat it as such.

Beyond the Glamour: The Nitty-Gritty of Campground Business

And yes, we're even going to talk about the less glamorous stuff like opening a separate banking account for your campground business and setting up an LLC. It might sound like a snore-fest, but trust us, it'll save you from many sleepless nights down the road.

Ready to Press Play on Your Big Ideas?

So, if you're ready to press play on your bigger ideas and turn your patch of paradise into a thriving micro-campground, then join us on this exhilarating journey. And remember, we're more than just a full-service CPA team, we're your partners in this exciting endeavor.

Join Us in the Exciting World of Campgrounds!

Excited? Intrigued? Or just curious? Swing by CampgroundAccounting.com and share your story. As we always say, there's never a dull moment in the campground business!

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Donna Bordeaux, CPA with Campground Accounting

Creativity and CPAs don’t generally go together. Most people think of CPAs as nerdy accountants who can’t talk with people. Well, it’s time to break that stereotype. Lively, friendly, and knowledgeable can be a part of your relationship with your CPA, as demonstrated by Donna and Chad Bordeaux. They have over 50 years of combined experience as entrepreneurial CPAs. They’ve owned businesses and helped business owners exceed their wildest dreams. They have been able to help businesses earn many times more profit than the average business in the same industry and are passionate about helping industries that help families build great memories.

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