Unleashing Creativity in RV Park Deals: A New Frontier of Entrepreneurship

Turning Board Games into Real Life: The Thrill of Campground Deals

Do you remember as a child when your parents told you to stop playing Monopoly because "real life isn't a board game"? Well, mom and dad, it turns out you were wrong. Welcome to the exciting world of campground deals, where creativity and business acumen are your get-out-of-jail-free cards, and where the only "Go" you'll pass is the one on your way to closing another successful deal.

Introducing Campground Accounting: Your Full-Service CPA Team

Enter the world of Campground Accounting, your full-service CPA team that's more than just an accounting firm. We're like the cool uncle who knows his way around a spreadsheet and a s'mores recipe. We're here to help you move your little metal dog, thimble, or race car towards success without getting bogged down by operations overwhelm, decision-fatigue, and fear of surprises.

Progressive Accounting: The Indiana Jones of the Financial World

Our fearless leader, Donna Bordeaux, is a passionate advocate for progressive accounting. She’s like the Indiana Jones of the financial world, never missing an opportunity for experience, exploration, or understanding. This isn’t your grandma’s accounting; this is high-octane, adrenaline-pumping, thrill-of-the-deal accounting. Donna has an uncanny knack for option exploration, helping you grow a robust campground business that's more resilient than a Swiss Army knife.

Navigating Economic Challenges: Creative Strategies for Mutual Benefit

In today's economic landscape, campground deals can feel a bit like trying to set up a tent in gale-force winds. Interest rates and other factors have added new layers of complexity. But fear not, fellow adventurers! Donna offers creative strategies to ensure mutually beneficial deals despite these challenges.

Seller Financing: Financial Parkour for Campground Deals

One such strategy is seller financing. Think of it as a kind of financial parkour, a way to navigate the obstacles of high costs associated with traditional financing. This arrangement allows the seller to exit the deal with a substantial down payment while the buyer makes periodic payments over the next few years at a lower interest rate. However, beware of the financial equivalent of poison ivy - deceptive practices. That's where Campground Accounting comes in, ensuring you're always on a clear path.

Withholding Cash: The Adrenaline Shot for Your Campground Business

We also propose innovative solutions like withholding cash from the buyer to reduce the initial down payment. It’s like giving your campground a shot of adrenaline, accelerating revenue generation and enabling quicker repayment to the seller.

Master Lease: A Viable Option for Expedited Sales

And for those facing health issues or needing an expedited sale, we've got you covered with a Master Lease with an option to buy. It's like leasing a car, but instead, it's a campground, and the rent payments contribute towards the purchase price.

Turning Aspirations into Reality: Overcoming Traditional Financing Constraints

So, are you ready to press play on your bigger ideas and breathe life into your campground ownership? Let's overcome traditional financing constraints and turn your campground aspirations into reality. After all, there's more to taxes than being on time, and there's more to life than business. Welcome to the great outdoors of campground deals. Let's go exploring together.

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Donna Bordeaux, CPA with Campground Accounting

Creativity and CPAs don’t generally go together. Most people think of CPAs as nerdy accountants who can’t talk with people. Well, it’s time to break that stereotype. Lively, friendly, and knowledgeable can be a part of your relationship with your CPA, as demonstrated by Donna and Chad Bordeaux. They have over 50 years of combined experience as entrepreneurial CPAs. They’ve owned businesses and helped business owners exceed their wildest dreams. They have been able to help businesses earn many times more profit than the average business in the same industry and are passionate about helping industries that help families build great memories.

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