The Secret to Exceptional Customer Service in Campgrounds: Knowledgeable Staff

Picture this: You’re an eager traveler, loaded up in your RV and ready for a relaxing getaway. You pull into a campground, only to be greeted by a staff member who doesn’t know the street name of the campground, let alone how to guide you in maneuvering your behemoth of a vehicle through their labyrinth of sites. No one wants that, right? Well, hold onto your camp chairs, folks, because I’m about to share how we can all avoid this scenario.

For those of you who are entrepreneurs, legacy-builders, and stewards of family businesses, let’s dive into the world of Campground Accounting. It’s not just about crunching numbers or being on time for taxes – it’s about breathing life into campground ownership. We’re here to help you avoid operations overwhelm, decision-fatigue, and fear of surprises.

Meet Donna: The Campground Business Growth Guru

Donna, our accounting whiz with a passion for a progressive perspective, is like the Gandalf of campground business growth. She never misses an opportunity, experience, exploration, or understanding. And today, she’s sharing her top three tips for training your staff to deliver exceptional customer service.

Tip 1: Know Your Directions

We’ve all been there – lost on the road, desperately calling for directions, only to be met with someone who has no idea how to drive out of their own parking lot. It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out (or worse, turn the RV around!) So, Donna suggests taking your staff on a joyride around the area. Let them familiarize themselves with the route, notice any trouble spots, and learn how an RV or a trailer has to maneuver.

Tip 2: Answer Common Questions

Ever ask a question and get that deer-in-the-headlights look? Yeah, not fun. Make sure your staff knows the answers to commonly asked questions, like “Where’s the best place to unhook my tow vehicle?” Pro tip: don’t hire a warm body who doesn’t know a tow vehicle from a toaster.

Tip 3: Know Your Neighborhood

GPS is great, but it doesn’t replace local knowledge. Have a list of nearby places handy, like grocery stores, RV Techs, emergency vets, and urgent care. Better yet, print these out and hand them to your guests upon arrival.

Building Community Partnerships

And why stop there? Partner with local restaurants and businesses. Not only will this make life better for both you and your incoming guests, but it’ll also create a community that guests will love and want to return to.


So there you have it, folks. The secret to exceptional customer service in campgrounds isn’t some hidden magic trick. It’s about having knowledgeable staff who can empathize with guests and provide helpful information. Now press play on your bigger ideas, and let’s transform your campground business together!

Looking Ahead

Want more tips like these? Stay tuned for our next blog post. Until then, happy camping!

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