The Lost and Found Opportunity

Hey campground owners, what’s in your lost and found? How many water pressure regulators do you have in your homeless bin? I know I have left them and my husband has left them at many campgrounds across the country.

We ought to leave our business card taped to them because we leave them so frequently. It’s not something that’s unusual to do because you unhook the water, you’re reeling in the hose. You sometimes have to disconnect that pressure regulator off the water separately from your hose. So it’s super easy to leave them there.

Customer Service Benefit

So one thing I would suggest as a customer service benefit, if you find that one of your campers has left something behind something small, leaving a regulator, their jack pads or some piece of camping equipment that may have been left on their site when they leave, I would suggest that you do yourself a favor and call them and ask them, “Hey, would you like us to donate these to someone else who arrives and doesn’t have their pressure regulator or their jack pads or whatever piece of equipment? Or would you like to pay the postage and we’ll send it to you?”.

It’s worth a shot and I have yet to have this happen, but I would see that in my eyes as 100% fabulous customer service.

So take that step, see what’s in your homeless bin. After people leave and leave things behind all of them. Ask them if they’re meant to leave it behind.

Some may say that they meant for you to put it in the garbage, and that’s okay, but others may have forgotten completely or not even know where they left something to contact you. So it’s a great customer service move.

We are always looking out to make sure that our family owned campgrounds offer the highest level of customer service possible.

Lost And Found Cg

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