The Hidden Costs of Underpricing: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Hello, fellow campground enthusiasts and savvy entrepreneurs! Today, we’re going to talk about something that may sound like an oxymoron. Can your pricing be too affordable? If you just spat out your morning coffee laughing, stick with me here. I promise it’s not a joke.

The Risks of Being Too Affordable

Hi, I’m Donna Bordeaux, your friendly neighborhood RV enthusiast, campground accounting wizard, and the only CPA who can build a roaring campfire while balancing a budget. I’ve made it my life’s mission to help businesses like yours steer clear of operations overwhelm, decision-fatigue, and the ever-so-terrifying fear of surprises. You know, those moments when you realize your pricing is less ‘affordable’ and more ‘financial suicide’? Yeah, those.

The Walmart and Southwest Airlines Pricing Strategy: Not For Everyone

Now, we all love a good deal. Who doesn’t? But there’s a fine line between offering a competitive price and practically paying your customers to use your products or services. Remember, there’s more to life than business, and there’s more to business than being the cheapest one on the block.

The Downward Spiral of Undercutting

Being the second-place lowest price in your market is like losing a race before it even started. You’re stuck in a hole and the only direction to go is down. It’s a race to the bottom, and spoiler alert: no one wins in a race to the bottom.

Cultivating Customer Loyalty Beyond Price

But fear not, my friends! We’re not here to doom and gloom, but to breathe life into your campground ownership. You see, having the lowest price doesn’t cultivate loyalty. It just cultivates a bunch of customers who’ll drop you faster than a hot marshmallow if someone cheaper comes along.

Leveraging Your Unique Advantages

Instead, let’s focus on what sets you apart. What’s your secret sauce? Maybe it’s your top-notch service, your unbeatable location, or the fact that you have the only campground with a petting zoo in a 100-mile radius. Whatever it is, that’s where your focus (and pricing) should be.

Reassessing Your Pricing Strategy

So, if you’re tired of feeling like you’re constantly in a losing battle with your competitors, it’s time for a change. Let’s press play on your bigger ideas. Let’s explore options for growing a robust campground business that doesn’t rely solely on being the cheapest option.


Don’t let your business get sucked into the abyss of constant price wars. Together, we can develop a pricing strategy that propels your business forward without sacrificing your sanity. Let’s make being affordable work for you, not against you.

Stay tuned for more insights and remember – never miss an opportunity, experience, exploration, or understanding. Now, let’s get out there and make the most of our campground investments!

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