Say Goodbye to Messy Signs: It's Time for a Handwriting Ban!

Introduction: The Handwritten Sign Conundrum

Hello, camp commanders and RV royalty! Grab your s'mores and pull up a picnic chair; it's time to talk about the bane of my existence: Junky Handwritten Signs.

The Unexpected Pet Peeve

Now, I know what you're thinking: 'Donna, surely there are bigger fish to fry in the campground world?' And to that, I say: Yes, but can we really enjoy our grilled trout if the sign pointing to the BBQ pit is spelled 'B-B-Q Peet'?

Why It Matters

As a CPA and RV enthusiast, I've made it my mission to help fellow campground owners escape the quicksand of operations overwhelm and decision fatigue. But today, we're pressing pause on the big ideas and focusing on something small that can make a BIG difference. That's right, folks: It's time to banish those junky handwritten signs!

The Exceptions to the Rule

I can hear the collective gasp already. 'But Donna,' you cry, 'what about the charm of a hastily scribbled 'Beware of Bears' sign?' To which I respond: What's charming about a sign that looks like it was written by the bear itself?

The Call to Action

So, campground captains, let's rise above the sea of sloppy signage. Let's breathe life into our campground ownership and ensure our businesses reflect the stellar standards we set. After all, there's more to life than business, but there's also more to business than being on time with taxes.

Conclusion: More Than Just a Sign

Remember, folks: A sign isn't just a sign. It's the first hello, the last goodbye, and every direction in between. So, let's make it count!

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