Promoting Your Campground on Social Media

Social Media for Campgrounds

Being active on social media is essential in today’s business world, and there are many ways to promote your campground through avenues like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  The key is creating a mix of content that your followers will enjoy and be excited to see, and occasionally throw in a special or promotion about yourself.  If all of your posts are you trying to directly sell consumers on your campground, it will quickly grow old in the eyes of your followers.

Making the most of social media can be fun and creative while providing a great way to connect with current and potential guests. Here are some practical and effective ways to do that.

Introduce Seasonal Specials on Social Media

If your area is a hot spot for tourism in the fall, announce special deals on Facebook. The same goes for any other time of the year when your area tends to attract more visitors. Announce sales and special packages or deals repeatedly but not so much that you come across as being spammy. So for example, announce the special a few times, with posts being about a week or two apart.

Have Fun Contests using Social Media

Generate interest in your campground by holding a contest and announcing it on Facebook and Instagram. For example, as spring approaches, create a nature-themed selfie contest. Instruct contest participants to post selfies that feature flowers, trees, mountains, beaches and other elements of nature in the photos. The prize could be anything of your choosing, such as a free night’s stay at your campground or a water bottle. If a contest goes well, have another one in the future, maybe a few months later or so.  When running contests, make sure you have a stipulation somewhere that allows you to use all of the photos submitted in your marketing or in any way you choose. That prevents having to ask for permission later.

Feature Beautiful Photographs on Social Media

A picture really is worth a thousand words (or more). It can also translate into an increase in business by helping to promote your campground and attract customers. Entice potential visitors by posting appealing photographs on social media. Instagram is an ideal spot to do this because of its heavy leaning toward visual content. The photographs can be of sights in the campground or resort, or beautiful things in the area. Area photos work well because they aren’t directly related to “selling” the campground, but instead making people crave another visit to your area. And where are they likely to stay… At your campground.

Make sure to add descriptive and detailed captions along with your photos. Include photos that are zoomed-out shots of natural landscapes, especially if your campground is in a gorgeous spot, as well as close-up shots of visitors relaxing at their campsites. Try creating a selfie spot that can be used. Make sure to get guests’ permission before publishing their photographs.

Ask Thought-Provoking Questions on Social Media

There’s nothing like a great question to generate buzz and conversation. Facebook is a great place to do this. Come up with a question like “What’s your favorite camping food?” or “Where did you go on your first camping trip?” or “When is your favorite time of day to hike?” The question could really be anything based on your unique location, customer base, and other variables. Just have fun with it though!

Encourage Sharing and Hashtags on your Social Media

Attract more of an audience to your social media pages by encouraging your current audience to share and like your posts, and to include hashtags and tags. For instance, perhaps use #NCCamping if you are in NC or #MyrtleBeach if you’re in that area. Don’t overuse hashtags, and be selective about what you use when. The bigger your audience, the more you get the word out about your business. And that ultimately should mean more customers and revenue for you.

Enhance Interaction on Social Media

Boost your level of interaction and engagement on social media by responding back to any comments. And use newer tools like Facebook’s live video to interact in an even more personal way. Film a live video with your campground in the background to give viewers a real sense of what your location is like.

Social media outlets are wonderful places to promote your campground in innovative ways that didn’t exist even a few years ago. Take full advantage of all there is available to you, and see how your business expands as a result.

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