Minimize Your Campground Obstacle Courses & Maximize Your Revenue

Picture this: you’re an entrepreneur, a legacy-builder, or a steward of a family business. You’ve invested in a beautiful campground, one that would make even the most seasoned RV enthusiast weep with joy. But amidst the towering trees and picturesque picnic tables, there lurks a menace – the dreaded Overhanging Tree of Vehicle Doom.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. But tell me, fellow campground owners, who among us hasn’t had to deal with the unexpected challenges that come with managing a slice of the great outdoors?

A CPA With a Compass (and a Chainsaw)?

Enter Donna, a full-service CPA with a passion for a progressive perspective of accounting. But she’s not just any number-crunching, tax-filing professional. Oh no, she’s also an RV enthusiast who understands the trials and tribulations of campground ownership. She’s like a mythical creature, half accountant, half park ranger, ready to help you navigate the wilderness of campground management and the labyrinth of financial planning.

The Tale of Two Campgrounds

To illustrate the importance of Donna’s unique approach, let’s take a trip down to Sun Resorts in Mystic, Connecticut. Here, amid the idyllic surroundings, an overhanging tree threatens unsuspecting vehicles. This scenario is all too familiar to RV, travel trailer, and fifth-wheel owners who dread such unforeseen obstacles.

But here’s the twist: despite nature’s capriciousness, proactive campground owners can make a difference. By observing large vehicles entering, noting tight spots, overhanging branches, or road obstacles, and taking action before it’s too late, they can turn potential problems into opportunities for outstanding customer service.

Corporate Giants vs. Family-Run David

Our story takes an interesting turn when we compare the corporate-run Sun Resorts with the family-run campground at Old Orchard Beach. At Sun Resorts, a disheartening encounter highlighted an employee’s inability to affect change due to stifling corporate structures. It was like watching a superhero trapped in a bureaucratic spider web.

Contrastingly, the swift response to tree-trimming during bad weather at the family-run Old Orchard Beach campground showed an admirable commitment to customer experience. It was a clear demonstration of how empowering staff and welcoming suggestions can lead to guest satisfaction and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

The Bottom Line

Creating a positive first impression during guest arrivals is crucial. While we can’t control nature, we can control our response to it. By taking proactive steps to alleviate tree-related challenges, we can ensure a memorable and hassle-free guest experience, whether at family-run or corporate campgrounds.

So, are you ready to press play on your bigger ideas and breathe life into your campground ownership? If so, read on to learn how Donna’s comprehensive approach to campground accounting can help you minimize your campground obstacle courses and maximize your revenue. Because remember, there’s more to taxes than being on time, and there’s more to life than business.

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