Marketing to Visitors of Local Events

Are you near an area that has some special events happening around you? Well, many people would prefer to stay in their RV rather than a hotel if they’re attending events.

So for example, if you were in the fringes within an hour of a metropolitan area that has concerts or weekend events or marathons, those types of things are places where people will go and spend the weekend, spend a few days.

So make sure that you are targeting those events.

Social media search.

Social media does a wonderful thing in that if somebody’s looking up that event and you have posted about it, you may appear in their search. Especially those of you who have cabins and park models or places to stay that don’t involve even bringing an RV.

Welcoming guests for stay in.

Many people don’t know that you can stay at a campground without having equipment that you can arrive and stay in a cabin or stay in a park model for the weekend or even experience camping for the first time.

Many parks have travel trailers set up and ready for guests to come and stay in. What a fabulous way to add to the spectacular event.

Look for upcoming events happening in your region

So make sure that you are looking at events in your region and marketing to guests based on those events as well. That will help bring in more people and even if they don’t stay with you, they’ll know you exist and can talk about you and see that you are keeping up with what’s going on in your local area.

Especially popular (look at) concerts, food events, boating events; anytime there are biking events, I’ve seen a lot of bike events where people stay at campgrounds together, wineries, beer things, barbecue. The list is endless of events that could be happening anywhere near you within an hour, I would suggest.

Market to those events and make sure that they are on your calendar.

Also, you may let your guests know that there are events going on nearby that they may not have known were going on either. If they’re coming from afar, they don’t know what’s happening in your area, so it would be a great marketing event to your guests who are already staying with you to tell them that these things are going on.

Add them to campground calendar and list those on your website. Put links back to those events if possible. Hope this helps you!

Build good customer service and bring in more people to your campground.

Marketing To Visitors Cg

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