Investors Introductory Conference

It is typically very hard to get contacts into the world of investors when building a campground.  I’ve talked with Ed Bridgman at the Florida/Alabama ARVC conferences and followed his progress in building a state-of-the-art campground in Mobile, AL.  Ed is now consulting with those who want to build parks and has an interesting event that may interest some of our followers so I thought I would help spread the word.

From Ed O. Bridgman:

In the course of our business, we are often asked by investors to be introduced to people who have projects we believe will enjoy positive financial returns. At the same time; people with projects ask us to introduce them to investors willing to fund their projects. EOB Consulting has decided the best way to introduce everyone is by hosting the first annual Investors Introductory Conference.

EOB Consulting had to limit the number of Public Banks and Private Investors who could attend the first annual Investors Introductory Conference. Each Public Bank paid over $1,000.00 plus expenses to sponsor this event. The Primary Sponsor is Berkshire Bank, a nationwide SBA lender.  Berkshire has funded one of my own projects with construction to long-term loan solutions. Berkshire is sending representatives from New York and Alabama to show their continued commitment in financing the RV Destination and Boat and RV Storage Facility business. The Ameris Bank is sending a representative from Houston Texas prepared to make SBA loans on projects less than $5 million. Private Investors paid more than $500.00 plus expenses to sponsor this event.

My point is; These Public Banks and Private Investors would not be making this financial investment if they were not hungry to invest money into the RV Destination and Boat and RV Storage Facility industry – in YOUR project.

We are charging each person who wishes to meet face-to-face with these investors $100, because if we didn’t require each person to pay something people would say they are coming and then not show up. These investors are sacrificing their time to travel to meet with you. These investors are prepared to fund your project, you need to be here and explain;

  1. Where your project is located
  2. What is the local market for your project
  3. How much money do you require
  4. When and how will you pay the loan back

If you don’t have the answers to these questions; EOB Consulting is even prepared to assist you with gathering the required information. We travel to your location and create an understanding of your vision. We perform a comprehensive Competitive Analysis of the local market to support your vision. We identify the correct RV Destination type and provide the site layout in both PDF and CAD formats. We determine the Construction Cost and estimate Revenue Stream and Operating Cost. We combine this data to create a 10-year Cash Flow. We will even present our findings to your investors. This a Feasibility Analysis. Some banks ask us to prepare a Feasibility Analysis for a project to determine if they should fund the loan. Some people want to upgrade an existing RV Destination and maximize the value of their business. EOB Consulting has earned a strong national reputation as the Consulting firm to perform these tasks.

Please plan to be at Homestead RV Community on Oct. 19, 2022, from 8:00 AM CST till 5:00 PM CST.

EOB Consulting has become known nationally as the consultant who can assist people upgrade existing RV “parks” and develop raw land. Please take 10 minutes to read “Step-by-Step” on my website

While people are drinking coffee and eating doughnuts to kick off the event; I will speak about the success of Homestead RV Community providing details as to how much money I borrowed ($2.3 million) and how long it took for me to be profitable (7 months). Then each sponsor (both public and private investors) will stand up front and introduce themselves.


8:00 – 8:45    Start the morning over doughnuts passing the microphone around so everyone can introduce themselves.

9:00 – 10:00  I will give a one-hour presentation about how Homestead was developed and how profitable it is now.

10:15 – 12:15  Each of the investors will have 20 minutes to make their pitch. “Hi, my name is David Nayor, I represent Berkshire Hathaway Bank. I am interested in speaking with people who require $___ million to $____ million, who qualify a loan by ________ We really are interested in people who want to _____________and can show a Feasibility Analysis with a _____% return in less than 2 years. I will be in booth 1, I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your project.”

12:15 – 1:00  Catered meal and social time

1:00 – 5:00   Investors would man booths and people would travel to them.

To register, please contact Ed directly.

Ed O. Bridgman MBA, PMP, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Phone: (512) 785-1379




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