How to Get Advice from an Accountant: A Trailblazer’s Guide for Campground Investors

Hello, fellow adventurers of the financial wilderness! I’m here to talk about a topic that often causes more shivers than a chilly night in a sleeping bag – accounting. Now, before you click away faster than a squirrel running from a bear, hear me out. This isn’t your typical snooze-fest filled with jargon and yawn-inducing tax codes. No, my friends, this is about turning accounting into your secret weapon for campground business success!

Meet Your Guide

Imagine if Indiana Jones was an accountant – that’s me, Donna Bordeaux, CPA and accountant at Calculated Moves, minus the whip and the fear of snakes. I’m here to guide you on this exciting journey, where we’ll dodge financial pitfalls, decode tax mysteries, and discover treasures in the form of deductions and credits.

The Mission

Our mission? To ensure that the business of running your campground doesn’t suck the joy out of owning it. Because let’s face it, there’s more to life than business, and there’s definitely more to taxes than being on time.

Choosing an Accountant – Not Just Any Tax Generalist

The first step? Choosing someone who understands the specific nuances of your industry. Not just any old tax generalist will do. We need a specialist, someone who gets the ins-and-outs of the campground business as much as they get the thrill of a well-prepared tax return.

Assessing Potential Accountants – Modernity and Relevance

Next, we’ll be checking out potential accountants’ websites for clues on their modernity and relevance. An outdated site or unprofessional email domain could be red flags. And anyone who brags more about themselves than how they can help your business? That’s a no-go.

Evaluating Video Content

And let’s not forget about video content! Just like a good movie trailer, it should pull you in, leaving you wanting more. It should showcase their communication style and convey a positive, engaging message.


So, are you ready to turn accounting from a chore into an adventure? To breathe life into your campground ownership and press play on your bigger ideas? Then grab your metaphorical hiking boots and join me on this journey.

If you encounter any challenges or need assistance along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ll connect you with colleagues who can provide excellent care. Together, we’ll help you find a trusted accountant to maximize your campground business’s potential.

Stay tuned for the full article where we dive deeper into these steps and more. Until then, happy trailblazing, fellow financial adventurers!

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Donna Bordeaux, CPA with Campground Accounting

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