Get Your Plan for the 2024 Solar Eclipse

Do you still have those eclipse glasses back from 2017 when we had that solar eclipse? It was really cool. Everybody took a break in the middle of the day and it got dark in the middle of the day and we all stood outside trying not to blind ourselves, staring at the sun.

Well, we have another really big event coming up in 2024, there’s going to be another eclipse!

So for campgrounds, this is a big deal and it should be an event that you watch out for marketing. Learn how to market to visitor for local events.

So a couple of tips here: First, April 8th, 2024 will be another total solar eclipse.

Now there’s a map and I’ll put the link down below, but there’s a map. You can go out and see how big the eclipse is, if it’s going to be a hundred percent in your area or if it, it’s just a portion.

But that line runs all across the United States up from Texas, all the way up to Prince Edward Island and Canada. And so there’s going to be effects where people are gonna do that, again.

We’re gonna just stop the world for a little bit and go look in the sun, and watch for that blinding or bit in the sky.

So what do you need to do to prepare?

Well, first it’s a big marketing event. Also, check your rate structures, especially if you’re doing dynamic pricing, watch out! Check your rates for that date, April 8th again, 2024.

The other really big thing to watch for is you remember all those glasses, those little plastic glasses we put on to protect our eyes. Buy them now. Don’t wait until two days before the event when the prices go up. They use dynamic pricing on those too!

Buy those now. Stock up and line up the events that you’ll hold in your campground no matter where you are in the country, even if you’re just a partial eclipse, people are gonna wanna celebrate and take a look at what nature has to offer. After all, they’re there because of nature—that’s why they’re in your campground.

So mark your calendars. Promote this. Go ahead and get that. Also, remember there were some traffic things going on near that event. Last time this happened, people were out on the roads traveling, trying to get to where they were at.

You don’t wanna be the backup if people are trying to check in when it’s time for the 2024 solar eclipse and all those things. So plan ahead, make sure that you have a full scale event set up. And be watching Campspot (thanks to Campspot), they’re gonna keep posting some links too to remind you what’s coming and help you see if you’re in the path.

So check that out. Mark the calendar. April 8th, 2024. I have my reservations.

Family laying on the grass looking for solar eclipse: 2024 solar eclipse
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