Flag Etiquette in Campgrounds: Things To Know

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Hi, I’m Donna Bordeaux with CampgroundAccounting.com. Flag etiquette is a very important thing. Whether you realize it or not. You’ll see my flags here in the background at my house, my son was a boy scout and there are many veterans in our family, and it is important to them to make sure that when you display the flag, you’re doing it properly. And in accordance with the rules.

Now I am not a flag expert, but I can tell you that from my associations, with boy scouts and with veterans, they understand, and you should make it a process to make sure that you follow in your campground. If you were displaying the flag first off, I’ll give you a couple of headlines. The American flag should always be the highest flag that is flying. It should be up taller.

You’ll notice in the background here I have a South Carolina state flag. My US flag flies taller than the state flag. Any other flags should be underneath the US flag. If you fly your flag at night, it needs to be lit. You need to have a light on that flag. If you are not planning to light it you’ll need to take that flag down every day after sunset.

Secondly, I see many parks flying the good Sam flag. You may not fly that on the same pole as the United States flag, it needs to be on a separate pole. It needs to be lower than the US flag and a couple of other things to watch. There’s a website, half staff.org. I believe it is. And that will tell you when you should be flying your flag at half staff, there are rules by federal law on flying the flag and half staff, as well as your state. Your state may also lower flags based on issues that occur locally.

So do please plan to follow those. There’s nothing worse and more noticeable to somebody who understands flag etiquette to see that somebody is not following proper protocol. You’d be better off not flying the flag at all. In that case, we notice, I’ll be driving down the road. And my son, if there’s some case where we’re at half staff, my son will say, why are they not flying, flying at half staff or two days after they’re still flying the flag at half staff and it should be at full staff.

It is not something to mess around with many people take great offense. If you don’t fly your flags properly, make sure that you take good care. And if you’re not sure, make it an effort to learn in our great country here, we have a duty to make sure that we display our patriotism appropriately. Now more than ever. We need to stand together and have that flag flying in proper etiquette. I’m Donna Bordeaux with CampgroundAccounting.com.

Donna Bordeaux, CPA with Campground Accounting

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