Feasting on Deductions: A Gourmet Guide to Meals, Entertainment, and Taxes for Campground Owners

Hello, fellow campground entrepreneurs, legacy-builders, and stewards of family businesses! I hope you’re ready to dig into some juicy tax deductions because today, we’re serving up a buffet of knowledge (and puns) with a side of laughter.

A Little Bit About Us

Are you hungry to make the most of your campground investment without it chewing up all your time? Well, buckle up your bibs, because our very own Donna, the queen of progressive accounting, is here to whet your appetite.

The Not-So-Fun Part: Entertainment Expenses

First things first, entertainment expenses are like that overcooked pasta – they’re no longer on the menu. That means the cost of those golf outings you were planning? They’re as deductible as my chances of winning MasterChef.

The Tasty Part: Meal Deductions

But meals? Ah, now, that’s where things get spicy. If they serve a business purpose – such as meeting clients, vendors, or colleagues – they can be deducted. Picture this: You’re enjoying a sizzling steak while discussing the next big thing for your campground. Delicious and deductible!

The Changing Landscape of Meal Deductions

There’s a catch though (isn’t there always?). The deduction for meals has been playing hide and seek. It was 50% in 2020, then 100% in 2021 and 2022, and now in 2023, it’s back to 50%. But hey, half a loaf is better than none, right?

Documenting Your Deductions

Documenting these meals is crucial. Keep the receipt, note down who you dined with, and jot down the business purpose. And if the meal involves your spouse? That depends on whether they’re a business partner or just a dining partner.


In essence, meals are like the secret sauce to your tax deductions if they’re associated with a legitimate business purpose. Just remember to keep your receipts and a clear record of the business purpose. And stay updated with the rules because they change more often than my diet plans.

Ready For More?

So, ready to feast on more advice and tips about growing your robust campground business? Click through to read the full article and let’s continue this gourmet guide together. Bon appétit!

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