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I’m Donna Bordeaux from CampgroundAccounting.com. I wanted to take a moment to talk about a really cool benefit that you might want to consider offering your campground or RV Park. I recently was at Bluewater Key RV Resort in Key West, Florida (a great place to visit if you ever get a chance) and they had a very unique benefit that I was pretty excited about.  A lot of the people in the park we’re excited about it too!

I recorded an awesome video while I was there on site in beautiful Key West with my favorite UPS guy and I’ll talk to you about that in a minute. My video crashed and didn’t save so I’m back in the office so I’m going to do it from here this time.  I promise I’m going to get you some more onsite video.

So anyhow, at Bluewater Key, they have individual sites with site numbers and if you order a package from Amazon, UPS or FedEx will deliver right to your site. If you’re not there, they will leave it right on the steps for you at your RV.

Now, this may sound pretty easy, but a lot of parks I’ve been to do not accept packages or do not have an easy way to do that. I’ve even seen some who charged for package delivery or mail delivery. If you can get UPS or FedEx to deliver by site, offer this awesome benefit to your guests. If your sites are tight together and that’s not possible, see if you can set up a package delivery station in your office, especially if you have a camp store. If you have a camp store, what do you want to do? You want to get those people to that store. You want more opportunities for them to come up there and spend their money with you. So, make it a good opportunity for them to stop by and pick up the packages and also spend some money with you. This is a great way to increase revenue and profits.

I was at Bluewater Key for about 14 days. During that time I probably received 10 Amazon packages. I was there in a new RV, so I had to update all my supplies of Command Hooks, storage and organization items.  So, it was like a daily event. My friend and I were there and we both got packages coming in each day.  It was Christmas every day!

Bluewater did not have a camp store, but they did have a mail center in their laundry facility. Each day they would take the packages from USPS and mail to the laundry center.  You’ll get an email each day to tell you if you had a package.  Now this may be a little more difficult if you have really short term stays or if you’re just dealing with overnight stays. But if you have some people who were there for a week or longer, this is an awesome benefit.

It made such an impact on me, I had to post about it!  So, think about how this might work and how it might benefit you and increase your customer service to the visitors in your park.

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