Customer is King at Kings Company: A Tale of Exceptional Service and Lasting Impressions

Hey there, entrepreneurs, legacy-builders, and family business stewards! Ready to hear a story that'll rekindle your faith in customer service? Buckle up, because we're about to dive into a world where the customer truly is king – welcome to Kings Company.

The Golden Rule of Customer Service: Lessons from Donna's Past

Meet Donna Bordeaux, the heart and soul behind Campground Accounting, where we weave together CPA expertise and RV enthusiasm. But before she was crunching numbers and plotting campground success, Donna was mastering the art of customer service at a little gem in Girard, Ohio called Kings Company.

Studying Under Legends: The Kings of Kings Company

In college, Donna worked for this small, family-owned lumber company that set the bar high for customer care. Picture this: Bo V from Ohio, an exemplary partner, once spent 15 minutes on the phone helping someone who had dialed the wrong number. Talk about going above and beyond!

Then there was John Watt, one of the owners, who knew his customers so well he’d whisk them away to annual Alabama-Arkansas football games. Yes, you read that right – football games! John’s dedication didn’t stop there; he’d even call Donna post-graduation to involve her in business dealings, showing his unwavering commitment to relationships.

Behind Every Great Team: Meet Mara

And let's not forget the unsung hero, Mara Presley, who kept everything ticking smoothly while Bo and John were out creating customer magic. Mara was the glue, ensuring trucks delivered products on time and to the right places. She's still with the company today, proving that exceptional service breeds loyalty.

Why This Matters: Bringing It to Your Business

These experiences left a lasting mark on Donna, shaping the way she runs Campground Accounting. Now, she challenges you to reflect on your own encounters with stellar customer service and strive to bring that same spirit into your business. Because, let’s face it, there’s more to taxes than being on time, and more to life than just business.

Final Thoughts

By embodying the principles of Kings Company, you can breathe new life into your campground ownership. Press play on those bigger ideas, explore endless possibilities, and create unforgettable experiences for your customers.

Ready for more inspiring tales and tips on how to transform your campground operations? Stay tuned for the full article and discover how you, too, can make your customers feel like royalty.

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