Axles Depreciation

Do you have park models and cabins in your campground? If you do, please take out your tax return and look at your depreciation schedule. If you find that you have cabins that have axles under them, they’re part of the R.V.I.A. association where they are set up with axles, even if you never intend to move them.

If they have an axle and can be transported if you want them to. And they are not affixed to a foundation in the ground. Those cabins should not be depreciated as a building over 39 years. Many people who don’t understand the campground industry may not have a clue that there could be an axle under our cabin. They’re just used to seeing that as a building, but as an industry specialists, we know to watch for this. This could make the difference between deducting a 40,70, whatever the price is now, a thousand dollars cabin in one year or over 39 years.

This is a huge difference in depreciation. If you find that you’ve got a problem with this and they were incorrectly depreciated in the past, we can help. We’ll help you get that information and immediately take all the deductions you deserve. Let us know if we can help you dive into this fun topic of depreciation.

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