Nickel Bingo

Here’s a really cool and easy event to add to your campground.  It’s Nickel Bingo.  Everyone just brings some nickels (or you can use something else in place of nickels) and you’ll need dice (2 per person, but you can share some in a pinch).  You can print the Bingo Cards here so that everyone has one and the rules are on the card for everyone’s quick reference.


Everyone puts one nickel in the pot to start

Each person rolls the dice going clockwise.

If you roll a number on your card that you don’t have a nickel on, put a nickel on it.

If you roll doubles and that space is open on your card, roll again.  If it’s already covered, it is the end of your turn.

If you roll a seven, take a nickel off your card and put it in the pot.  If you don’t have any nickels on your card, take a nickel from your stash and put it in the pot.

If you already have the number you rolled, the next person who doesn’t have that number gets to put a nickel on it, and it becomes their turn to roll (everyone in between is skipped).

If you roll a number and everyone already has it, it is the end of your turn.

The winner is the first to cover all spaces on their card, and they get all the nickels in the pot.

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